Locally,Cost Of Heating Oil Varies Widely

In an informal survey Tuesday, oil dealers around southeastern Connecticut quoted retail prices ranging from
$1.18 a gallon under a special program to $1.48 a gallon for next-day or later delivery.

Homeowners, business owners and other heating-oil consumers should take heed.

Prices in this survey swing as much as 25 percent, depending on location; purchase plan, if any; the dealer’s
own overhead costs, and a lot more. Some dealers suggested that retail customers get the best price from independent oil distributors that have few employees, a small territory and don’t service oil burners.

Other dealers said customers should never buy from a heating-oil company that does not offer service.

At both Bernie’s/All Aboard in New London and Benvenuti Oil Co. of Waterford, customers can buy into special
discount programs that can cut oil expenditures by 10 percent or more. Jeff Suntup, owner of Bernie’s and All
Aboard, said that a Bernie’s customer will pay $1.39 a gallon for a special same-day delivery, but if someone
phones for a delivery in the next day or two, he or she will pay $1.29.

At Suntup’s sister company, All Aboard, if a customer signs up for a regular neighborhood delivery program,
the oil costs $1.25 a gallon for a minimum delivery of 150 gallons. Another program at Benvenuti allows
customers to pay a one-time charge of $1.18 a gallon if they buy enough oil for at least six months. Before
discounts, Benvenuti charges $1.52 a gallon, but the company doesn’t offer cash-on-delivery purchases.

Andersen Oil Co. of Ledyard is selling heating fuel for $1.33 a gallon under a next-day delivery, C.O.D. plan.
Under the same plan, Phoenix Oil Co. LLC of Stonington is selling oil for $1.34 a gallon.

In Oakdale, a section of Montville, Viking Fuel Co. is selling heating oil for $1.30 a gallon, also under the
C.O.D. next-day delivery program, but crosstown in Montville off Route 32, Williams Oil/The Heat People are
selling the same gallon for $1.45.

It’s $1.48 a gallon at Guy’s Oil Service Station in Niantic, under the next-day-delivery C.O.D. plan, the same
price as at Eastern U.S.A. Fuel of Norwich. But at Ed’s Garage Inc. of Canterbury and Norwich, that gallon of
home heating oil costs $1.43.

Mohegan Oil and Densmore Oil, both of Mystic, declined to provide per-gallon retail oil prices in the phone
survey Tuesday.

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