Benvenuti’s Pre-Buy Oil Plan

Pre-Buy Oil Plan Information

 $2.15 per gallon

Demand for Pre-Buy Oil is up! Our Pre-Buy Customers enjoy peace of mind knowing they don’t have to think about oil for the whole year. With their oil paid for and automatic delivery eliminating the need to watch the gauge, customers can relax in the comfort of their home knowing we have them covered 24/7.

We’re pleased to be releasing our Pre-Buy Oil Plan for only $2.15 per gallon. Because of our success with this plan, we’re in our 29th consecutive year offering oil at a fixed price. Make one oil payment for the year and make your life easier. Set it and forget it.

Deadline for this price is September 18, 2020.

We suggest you buy only what you will need for the year. Unsure about your annual usage?
Email us at office@BenvenutiOil.com or call us at 860-443-6115 for assistance.

Submit the form today to lock in the $2.15 pre-buy oil price.  Offer ends September 18, 2020.