Published: December 2, 2014 – by Tim Smith

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A heat pump is an ingenious device that can save you money, conserve energy, and make your home as comfortable as can be.

How They Work

These fantastic contraptions work according to a simple principle: Rather than generating heat on their own, they transfer it from place to place. Such a device can take heat that’s outside your home, intensify it, and bring it inside. In addition, thanks to the reversing valves that they contain, heat pumps can cool homes by moving indoor heat outdoors. These machines are also very quiet, and they have exceptionally long lives.


On top of that, given all that it’s capable of doing, you might be surprised by how compact a heat pump is. Of course, if space is limited in your home, that’s a quality that you’re sure to appreciate. Plus, heat pumps are effective at spreading warmth in an even manner. By contrast, when you have, say, a fireplace, you need to sit near that fireplace in order to get as warm as possible.

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These machines are easy to operate. Just by touching a button on your remote control or your wall, you can quickly make a room toasty or refreshingly brisk; indeed, it should only take a few minutes. No matter what temperature you prefer, your heat pump can attain it for you on a consistent basis.


Then there’s the issue of money. A heat pump tends to use less than one unit of electricity for every four units of cooling or heating that it supplies. To put that into perspective, most home heating systems produce less than one unit of cooling or heating for every unit of power that they consume. Because it requires so little energy, a heat pump could very well reduce your annual household heating and cooling expenses by more than 75 percent. Moreover, as more and more people are learning about the advantages of heat pumps, these devices are becoming more popular. That means that owning one could make your home more valuable whenever you put it up for sale.


Because these machines cost so little to operate, some people leave their heat pumps running when they go out so that they can enjoy the warmth as soon as they return. Moreover, many heat pumps are equipped with timers that their owners can program. With a timer, you can make sure that your heat pump starts running 10 minutes or so before you return home from work each day.

Air Purification

The convenience of a heat pump doesn’t stop there. This machine produces no waste, and it drains outside. It doesn’t release smoke or burn oxygen, and its filter system removes fungal spores, dust, and harmful microbes from the air. As a result, the air inside your home should be purer than ever before, and breathing will be easier for anyone who suffers from allergies and/or asthma. Heat pumps also reduce window condensation in the wintertime.


Making heat pumps even more appealing is the fact that these products never get hot, and they don’t create flames. Therefore, the people in your home won’t be able to burn their hands on this device. Finally, a heat pump is a terrific choice for anyone who cares about the environment since this technology is responsible for so few carbon emissions.

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