Residential Fuel Oil Delivery Options

Benvenuti has been delivering home heating oil to Southeastern Connecticut for over 70 years.
With our customizable delivery options, you can decide what works best for you!


Delivery Options

Automatic Fuel Oil Delivery

The simplest option, many customers prefer our no fee automatic oil delivery plan. We’ll track your usage and the weather to determine when your home requires a refill on oil. There’s no need to monitor your oil tank gauge, you’ll be the first to receive oil before severe weather and you don’t need to worry about running out of oil! As a thank-you for trusting us with your home comfort, our automatic delivery customers receive 24/7 emergency service and special discounts on our oil/heating services.

Will-Call Fuel Oil Delivery

Would you rather manage and order your own home heating oil deliveries when your tank gauge starts to show a low amount? Our will call customers can order when it’s convenient for them either by calling the office, using our app or our customer portal. We recommend placing orders when your storage is at or above ¼ capacity, so there’s plenty of time to receive your delivery before your tank runs empty. Click here to order oil online!

Can’t Choose Your Favorite Delivery Style? View This Chart for More Details


Automatic Delivery

On Demand / Will-Call

Never run out of oil with worry-free Auto-Delivery X  
$25 hourly discount on labor for service & tune-ups X Available*
24/7 emergency service X Available*
Same day priority appointments X Available*
Control your deliveries by monitoring your oil usage   X
3 ways to order: online, our app, or by phone   X
24/7 access to your account from website/app X X
Auto-pay discounts X Available*
Credit terms—buy now, pay later X Available*
Never have emergency delivery/prime & start fees X  
24/7 emergency phone support X X
Oil price protection plans (pre-buy, budget & price cap) X Available*
Weekday service X X
Yearly tune-ups from our skilled technicians X X
Heating, A/C & hot water service plan options X Available*
Bioheat fuel X X
Environmentally friendly e-billing X X
Instant notifications for oil and service completion X X
Financing available on new equipment X X
Extended warranties on installations X Available*

*Will-call customers can share some benefits of automatic delivery customers by submitting a credit application. Call our office for more information!