Oil Tanks

Oil Tank Installations, Repairs and Estimates

Whether it be a new tank installation, a fill pipe repair or tank inspection, Benvenuti’s highly trained technicians have decades of experience. Today there are many new options for oil tanks with extra safety features and different shapes to fit your space.

Tank Options

  • Roth EcoDWT: Double wall tanks with highest level of environmental and leak sensor protection; 30 year mfg limited warranty
  • Granby EcoGard: Double bottom tanks include a leak detection system and a 25 year mfg limited warranty
  • Tank Tub: Tank Tub and Tank Basin give you a 110% containment for both the 275 and 300 gallon tanks. Lifetime warranty.
  • Single Wall: Standard single wall tank.


Roth EcoDWT Tank Granby EcoGard Tank
Tank Tub For Oil Tanks Single Wall Tank Installation


The life expectancy of a standard single wall tank under good conditions is approximately 25 years. If your tank is nearing the end of its useful life, has withstood basement flooding or the exterior looks like it has seen better days, don’t wait for a leak to get an estimate.  Condensation on the inside of a tank from change in air temperatures causes rusting from the inside out. You may not see the damage.

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